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Introducing the Townsville Fire Community Youth Program - an exciting opportunity to empower young people in the Townsville community and surrounding areas. Our initiative is dedicated to addressing some of the biggest challenges facing our youth today - from high rates of disengaged youth, to the devastating impact of youth suicide. With a strong focus on promoting health and well-being, our four unique programs include the School Program, Youth Engagement Program, Community Camp, and At-Risk Youth Program. Join us in fostering a culture of resilience, positivity, and active living amongst the youth in our community.

School Program

School Program - this program targets primary and secondary school students in the Townsville and surrounding region. The program will offer a range of activities to encourage physical activity, healthy eating and positive mental health practices. These activities could include after-school sports programs, cooking classes, mindfulness workshops and career planning sessions. The aim of this program is to provide young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to make healthy choices and pursue their goals.

IgniteHER: Inspiring At Risk Female Youth

The Townsville Fire is excited to present IgniteHER, a youth engagement program specifically designed for at-risk female youth in the Townsville and surrounds region. This program aims to provide positive and healthy role models, empowering participants to develop a sense of purpose, self-esteem, and resilience. Through basketball-related activities and mentorship, IgniteHER aspires to ignite a transformative journey in the lives of these young individuals, encouraging personal growth, leadership, and community connection.

Ignite the Dream Camp


Inspiring the Next Generation” 3-Day Camp will include the following activities: a) Mentorship Sessions: Engage participants in interactive mentorship sessions led by Townsville Fire players and coaching staff, sharing their personal stories and insights to inspire and empower. b) Basketball Development Clinics: Deliver intensive basketball training sessions, conducted by professional coaches and players, providing participants with the tools to enhance their basketball skills. c) Leadership Workshops: Facilitate leadership workshops focusing on communication, teamwork, goal-setting, and problem-solving, empowering participants to become effective leaders within their respective communities. d) Community Service Activities: Engage participants in meaningful community service projects, fostering a sense of responsibility, empathy, and a commitment to making a positive impact

At Risk Youth Program Ignite2Rise: Empowering At-Risk Youth

Is an innovative program aimed at supporting at-risk youth currently at the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre. The program strives to promote resilience, self-value, academic progress, and positive relationships with the community. By providing a comprehensive range of services and opportunities, this program aims to empower these young individuals to transform their lives and reintegrate into society as positive contributors.

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The Townsville Fire has scored a $1.5m injection from the Queensland Government to help fund the women’s community support work.

The money, spread over three years, will help the women reach the lives of 15,000 young people every year through four programs, including children interred at the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre.

Townsville Fire legend and general manager Samantha Pascoe said the club visited Cleveland three days a month for its Ignite2Rise program, with the players attending once.

“The kids respond really well,” Ms Pascoe said.

“We are the only community-owned WNBL club in the league, so it aligns and stables us in our core of why we exist, not just as a basketball team.

“It is really important we do what can to provide healthy female role models to the community across the board.”

The school program sees the players visit kids’ after-school sports programs, cooking classes and career planning sessions.

The Fire also runs a three-day mentorship camp called “Ignite the Dream”, which features community service activities alongside basketball development, and the IgniteHer program, where at-risk youths in the community are treated to workshops on resilience, self-value and positive relationships.

The funding enables the team’s players to be employed all year round, meaning when they’re not on the basketball court winning championships, these strong rolemodels will be educating and empowering students and at-risk children in Townsville and across the state.

As an added bonus, the more players that remain in Townsville during the off-season, the more opportunities there are for team bonding, skill boosts, and exploring career paths in the city post-basketball, Ms Pascoe said.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the government was backing the Fire because the team backed Townsville.

“I know how proud North Queenslanders are of their championship winning Townsville Fire Women’s Basketball team,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“Not only are they getting results on the floor, they’re getting results in the Townsville community through their extensive community outreach work.”

Scott Stewart MP said he had worked closely with Ms Pascoe and the Fire to secure the funding. “I know how important these programs are,” Mr Stewart said.

Written by; Paul Brescia – Townsville Bulletin

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The programs include;

  • School Program – encourage students to make healthy choices through after-school sports programs, cooking classes, mindfulness workshops and career planning sessions.
  • Ignite2Rise – help young Queenslanders deemed at-risk and currently at the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre, through vocational training and work experience opportunities.
  • IgniteHer Program – support at risk youth in the community through workshops promoting resilience, self-value, and positive relationships, with both family and the community.
  • Ignite the Dream Camp – help youth experiencing social isolation, or at risk of dropping out of school, by taking them on a three-day camp involving mentorship sessions, basketball development clinic, leadership workshops and community service activities.