Build Our Court : Buy A Plank

Embark on a Legacy Journey with Us

The WNBL 4-time National Champions, need a new court for the upcoming WNBL season.

Join us in laying the foundation for future champions by securing your plank today. Make your mark in the legacy of the Townsville Fire. Together, we’ll build more than just a court; we’ll build a community united by passion and pride.

Leave Your Mark

The Townsville Fire is igniting a path towards acquiring their own state-of-the-art basketball court surface. Moving beyond the past where they played on the decade-old court of the former Townsville Crocodiles, the Fire is now poised to elevate their game on a terrain truly their own. The centrepiece of this ambition is the innovative “Buy a Plank” campaign, which galvanises the community, inviting fans, supporters, and local enterprises to lay the foundation of a bright future, one plank at a time. 

The “Buy a Plank” campaign transcends traditional fundraising; it’s an invitation to the community to actively participate in shaping the destiny of their team. Each plank purchased is not just a component of the courts surface; it’s a symbol of solidarity. Donors are offered a unique opportunity to etch their names into the court’s legacy. 

Contributing to the “Buy a Plank” campaign is more than a gesture of support; it’s an investment in a shard vision. It’s about building not just a court, but a community rallying point with collective ambition of the Townsville Fire and its supporters. This is our call to arms, to unite in laying down the planks of success, growth, and community spirit. Join us in making this vision a reality, plank by plank. 

Planks sold